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We pride ourselves in thinking differently and inspire conversation through our ideas. We deliver bold, dynamic strategies for our clients with passion and integrity with exceptional results that place them in the spotlight. Our services include: PR, Marketing, Events, Social Media, Web Development, Graphic Design, Cinematography, Content Creation and so much more

Founded by Sarah Millar and Kay Copeland in 1999, we have built a dedicated team to deliver excellent results for our clients. As trusted advisors, we use our tacit knowledge to exceed expectations.

Meet our founders

Sarah Millar

Sarah Millar

Founder and Creative Strategist

"Our aim is to protect the shopping experience worldwide through creating innovative, experiential and newsworthy events for destinations and communities."

Kay Copeland

Kay Copeland

Managing Director

"To bring happiness, fun and well-being to global audiences has to be one of the best jobs in the world."

Social Scenes

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August 22
We loved having @food_feels in @7dialslondon for Food Month! Those doughnuts look too good to be true? 😍#SevenDialsFood Images by @food_feels
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August 20
Did someone say ball gowns and crystals? That can only mean one thing...we are at the #DiorDesignerofDreams exhibition at @vamuseum 👗 From learning about Christian Dior’s inspirations from around the world to seeing his changing creative directors throughout the years, we were spellbound by this very special exhibition 💫

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August 15
If you love food, you’ll love #CarnabyEats! Head to @carnabylondon this September for a month-long foodie fest that won’t leave you feeling hungry. Enjoy masterclasses, cookbook launches, exclusive menus and the brand new ocean-friendly initiative, the Blue Turtle.
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August 12
We absolutely LOVED the #OlafurEliasson exhibition ‘In Real Life’ 😍 Could have spent all day in the @tate exploring the installations!! Top work @studioolafureliasson ❤️ #londonart
#olafureliasson #londonart
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August 8
Drop into @7dialslondon and join them for Food Month! With a Secret Menu Trail, special events and exclusive promotions, there’s so much to enjoy ✨🍕 Be sure to come down and experience all the excitement for yourself! #sevendialsfood
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As an exciting, dynamic and creative communications
agency, we’ve built an envious reputation of delivering marketing and PR expertise to our clients in destinations, fashion, 
food & beverage and luxury brands.

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We have no specific opportunities available at the moment! But we're always up for meeting amazing, people. Feel free to get in touch with us, send your CV and let us know what you're looking for.